The three most frequent questions asked to the internal medicine doctor

I want more energy, what can I do to get it?

What helps to increase energy the most, is good quality sleep, a nutrition that is not loaded with carbohydrates, since carbohydrates can cause lethargy, due to an excess of CO2 that is produced that causes us to be drowsy. Also, exercise is a great resource for energy because while we are exercising, we secrete endorphins which increase our level of energy. We could also consume caffeine, without abusing it, to have more vitality.

Small adjustments in your lifestyle, generate big changes.

How do I increase my immune system? 

Thanks to evolution, most of us have a very good immune system. To optimize our immunity, we can start by having all our immunizations up to date, maintain our ideal weight, exercise, avoid the use of steroids, stop self-medicating ourselves and confirm that if we have a chronic disease like diabetes and high blood pressure, to be sure to have it under control. If we do all of that for our body, we will be giving it the best defenses to fight any pathogen that we may encounter.

Which vitamins should I take? 

In general, our bodies do not require us to supplement with vitamins, however, sometimes we do not follow a balanced diet, we do not expose ourselves enough to the sun, or we have unhealthy habits. To name a few examples, consuming alcohol reduces thiamine levels, consuming metformin although it is beneficial for a diabetic, it lowers your levels of vitamin B12 and not being exposed to the sun makes you deficient of vitamin D. 

For these reasons, I consider that a doctor should assess and determine the deficiency of each individual and adjust the dose that is needed.

In even more detail than a kitchen recipe, the medical treatment even of a vitamin deficiency, is personalized. Go to your doctor.  

Dra. Denise Peña Chávez
Medico Internista
U.D.E.M. / U.N.A.M.
C P 7357486 / C Esp. 9976125

Translation: Sara Peña Tur, RN, BSN