It is a medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis of cancer; treatments and non-surgical therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other modalities.

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Oncology Surgery

The Oncologist Surgeon has the preparation in the diagnostic protocol and is part of the comprehensive treatment of cancer, both curative and palliative; this is in cases where the disease is very advanced and not curable, management is given to improve the quality of life, both medical and surgical.

Currently, cancer treatment is comprehensive, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery; The latter is mainly for the diagnosis of the disease, since there are occasions that a hidden cancer can only be diagnosed by surgery (for example, ovarian cancer, breast cancer) and in most oncological pathologies, it is fundamental for the control local disease. In addition, in patients with advanced or terminal diseases, surgical procedures are performed to improve the quality of life of patients (for example, to preserve the alimentary tract that causes obstruction of the digestive tract).

The cancer that the surgeon oncologist handles is from all parts of the body, we do not handle cancer of the central nervous system (brain) and heart:

The diagnostic approach is usually with small surgeries called biopsies for most tumors.

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