General Surgery

For us at Clínica México, General Surgery is a very important medical specialty. There are a multitude of conditions treatable by surgical methods of all types that affect both sexes and that present themselves from the prenatal period until the senescence.

That is why we have the best staff of trained surgeons of different specialties that with our cutting-edge equipment can give timely medical attention to their patients.

We also have laparoscopic surgery and operating rooms that exceed the national standards of quality and patient safety.

  • General
  • Minimal invasion
  • Vascular
  • Bariatric
  • Cosmetics
  • Oncology
  • Urology

Dr. Adalberto Peña Chavez
C Prof. 5955006 / C Esp. 5955006
+52 (878) 782-0377
Dr. Rogelio Cesar Chio Vázquez
Hospital Metropolitano de la Secretaria de Salud de N.L.
C Prof. 1283676 / C Esp. AEIE02851
+52 (878) 782-3742
Dr. Jaime Alberto Gutierrez Avila
C Prof. 429698 / C Esp. 29953
+52 (878) 782-5146
Dra. Rocio Monsivais Calderón
C P 1316752 / C Esp. AESSA-29924
+52 (878) 782-0106